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Affiliate instructions: You have permission to publish these articles in your e-zine, on your website, on your blog or on your forum, provided the entire article is left un-altered and the bio/about the author resource box is included in its entirety. All you need to do is copy and paste. You may of course, replace all links with your affiliate hoplink. As a courtesy, I always appreciate it when you email me to let me know when and where you have published each article. To view the complete article text, simply click on the title.

Thank you and wishing you great success,

Craig Ballantyne,
Author Turbulence Training for Fat Loss
Men's Health Contributor

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5 Best Lower Body Kettlebell Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
In this workout you will learn the 5 most powerful lower body kettlebell exercises you can do to gain muscle and burn fat.

4 Kettlebell Training Rules To 6-Pack Abs
For years fitness “experts” have been preaching the merits of endless crunches and sit ups in pursuit of great abs.

The Perfect Kettlebell Training Diet
Kettlebell Training is a highly optimized way of burning fat fast, but without a proper nutritional diet, all the training in the world will do you no good.  So, what is the perfect diet to compliment Kettlebell Training you ask?

3 Kettelbell Exercises To Test The Waters
There seems to be a certain reservation among “regular” gym goers when it comes to trying Kettlebell Training.

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